Dollag's Cottage, a newly refurbished croft house sleeping 6 in one double and two twin rooms, is available for holiday lets and is ideally located for those looking for a great fishing holiday, a great family holiday or to combine the two.

The cottage is situated on the West Side of the Isle of Lewis and is literally surrounded by places to fish with 3 brown trout lochs within walking distance of the cottage, one of them even produces the occasional salmon and another produces some of the best brown trout fishing on the island.

The visiting angler can chose to fish for brown trout, sea trout or salmon and can pick from lochs and rivers close to the road or head for areas so remote that a long walk is required and the fish may not have seen an angler in many years. If you want a fishing adventure then there is nowhere else in the UK, and very few places in the world, that can offer such a wide range of remote and exciting fishing and the quality of fishing is second to none.

Your host at Dollag's Cottage can point the visiting angler in the right direction providing information on good places to fish and also, where required, on how to get permits or permission. One visiting angler who stayed in Dollag's Cottage for a week fished for brown trout, salmon and sea trout and had a very successful week and all of her fishing was free. It is also possible to fish a lot of water on a daily or weekly permit system and access to some very exclusive water indeed is also often possible and may also be surprisingly affordable.

Here are some photos of the fishing in the area:

Even the commute to a Lewis loch takes you to more remote and interesting places than many people reach in a lifetime:

Though the car parking can be a bit of a problem when you discover that a stalking party has already stolen the best space:

It is a nice feeling to make yourself at home in the fishing hut and sit drinking tea and watching huge sea trout jumping about in the loch through the open door:

If you like your fishing wild then the walk to the loch can be a rewarding and interesting part of the day out:

If the salmon and sea trout aren't playing ball due to a lack of water or if you simply want some trout for lunch then this loch is within walking distance of the cottage. These fish were taken in an hour in very difficult bright and flat calm conditions:

This was considered the best trout loch in the Hebrides for many years though these conditions don't help. It is very remote but a great day out if you are fit enough to walk the moor. Lewis has many hundreds of trout lochs and this is real wild fishing of the highest quality:

This estuary pool is usually stuffed with sea trout, slob trout and a reasonable number of salmon and can make for exciting fishing even when there is no water in the rivers. It can be fished on a day permit:

Fantastic Lewis sea trout loch (pity about the conditions on the day the photo was taken though!) and some of the most remote wild fishing you will experience in the UK:

Spolit for choice:

The moor is a very interesting place for those who enjoy the day out and the wildlife and the wildlife also likes to keep a close eye on the wandering angler: