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Thread: The all important T&C's?

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    The all important T&C's?

    Who actually consciously runs that last split second check, before the hammer go's forward, I know I do, every single time, probably not going to get many answers to the negative here, but seems a few shooters tend to let caution to the wind.
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    Clearly dying to tell us more??


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    "Watch, wallet, spectacles, testicles"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Who actually consciously runs that last split second check, before the hammer go's forward,
    I don't bother anymore. I got so fed up with hitting my fingers I bought a nail gun.....

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    I for one do, having had two really scary incidents in my career, both happened many years ago, and are the reason
    why I am so much against using a rifle scope to scan with, but according to a couple of recent threads many find acceptable .

    The first incident out lamping in a remote glen picked up a pair of eyes, not deer, no sheep or stock of any kind on the ground at this time but something did not seem right a look through the binos confirmed they were not eyes but
    two pieces of fluorescent tape on the entrance flap of a tent, no harm done I checked it with the binos but i could have so easily convinced myself it was a fox with disastrous consequences .

    The second incident gave me a real scare, stalked into a group of hinds one winters afternoon, snow blowing in the wind but not lying, got to about 150 yards from them, when I caught the glimpse of movement in a dip in the ground between me and the hinds, the top of the back of a hind with snow settled on it moving very slowly from left to right settled the cross hairs on it and waited for it to show more of its self, which it did but it was not a deer what I had in my sights was a dun coloured partially snow covered beannie hat and beneath it a guy who had
    been photographing the hinds.

    When I spoke to him he told me he had been there for about two hours, and was totally unaware of the danger he had been in, he had been so well hidden that I did not spot him neither when I first spied the deer nor at any time in my approach.

    Be aware that there was no trespass law in Scotland unless causing damage even before the right to roam act
    all I could do legally is ask someone to leave, which he would have been unlikely to have been able to comply with
    had I squeezed the trigger.

    I wonder how many more have had there but for the grace of God experiences, and of those that have how many have the b@@@s to admit to them.

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    Had one recently, blokes doing a bat survey along the railway late at night. They always ring now

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