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Thread: valkyrie .284

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    valkyrie .284

    up for grabs is my valkyrie .284 going to have a play at ftr for a bit as variety is the spice and all that.this is the third rifle from dave i have owned and they all have shot better than i can.round count is around 1000 shots.fully bedded john carr action, kreiger barrel right bolt left port .i would like 2000 and that includes redding comp seater bushing neck and shoulder bump dies and 150 ish siera 180 grn and a couple of hundred min lapua bullets.available from next week as i'm using it this weekend so if your up at blair it will be me if interested.

    ps the trigger is a cg 2 stage and the barrel is 30"

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    What stock is that?? Looks a bit A5 ish but the foreend looks different. Cool rifle����

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    yeh its a mcmillan f class/benchrest stock.

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