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Thread: Hedgehog

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    Just turfed the pup outside for her final wee of the evening before bed. Returned to the kitchen to make some tea and heard her going ballistic at something. Now she's not one to bark very much, so when she goes off like that it's worth a look to see what's going on. Imagine my surprise to find this poor little bugger curling up and trying to get the ground to swallow him

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    Luckily Poppy hadn't made up her mind what to do with him yet, so I called her off and covered it up with a bucket so she could carry on her toilet break free from spikey distraction. I came back out with a torch to let him out and snap the picture. Hopefully he won't take up residence, or it won't be long before Poppy has a new toy and a sudden flea burden
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    My wirehair has a thing about hedgehogs.
    Loves to find them then retrieve them back to me fgs.
    Thank god for frontline
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    My Teckel has an obsession with the hedgehogs, cats and squirrels that visit our garden. If there is a hedgehog present at his last toilet break he can often be heard making an odd noise as he tries to eat it. If a squirrel visits us he will howl in a woeful manner as the glass separates him from his prey. Cats he barks ferociously at.
    i used to have a Jack Russel. He really hated hedgehog and would bite the spines. This would infuriate him even more until I would finally come to find out where he was. All I would find of course was a blooded drooling dog and and a hedgehog perched on top of a volcano like structure as the terrier clearly thought that he could find the killing point by digging underneath it.
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    used to have 2 hedgehogs at my last house loved go cat.the cats didnt love the hedgehogs though.had a porch with cat flap and many a nite mr n mrs tiggywinkles would be screeming as the ex,s cats played "bowls"with curled up hogs

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    And here's me thinking all hedgehogs were two dimensional.

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    You want to count yourself lucky that it wasn't like the one we found on our permission scoffing this rabbit, or your dog may have met his maker!!!

    Never seen anything like it before and although I'm sure it never, I can't help wondering whether it took the rabbit down itself ninja style!!

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    My lab regularly picks up the hedgy which lives around the compost heap. Its so used to it that it doesn't seem to put out. However the lab will not hand it over until he is sure that i have a firm hold on his retrieve. So unless I have a pair of gloves its sore paws for me. What I don't understand is that the dog can hold it without a scratch. One night I was not really concentrating on putting him away in his kennel and almost missed that he had hedgy in his mouth - I suppose he wanted a pet! I just know that one day is is going to come back with one instead of partridge and I am bound to have a gallery.

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    they will eat rabbits or anything else they can get hold of, eat a lot of eggs of ground nesting birds pheasants partridges etc. particularly bad when the hen is sitting tight as they will kill her, were an absolute menace in the old days when keepers hatched with broody hens.

    Used to get quite a lot in tunnel traps, but of course they are now protected and tunnel traps must now have the entrance restricted to prevent them getting access.

    One of the most successful ways of trapping them was an old metal bucket sunk in the ground with a handful of rabbit guts thrown in the bottom the hedgehogs would jump in but were unable to climb out.

    Ever seen one run? you will be surprised at how fast they can move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stratts View Post
    You want to count yourself lucky that it wasn't like the one we found on our permission scoffing this rabbit, or your dog may have met his maker!!!

    Never seen anything like it before and although I'm sure it never, I can't help wondering whether it took the rabbit down itself ninja style!!

    By the sound of the traffic in the background I recon he's lucky to be alive

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    A friend of mine a few years ago had a springer that got spikes in his nose and lips from an encounter with a hedgehog.
    The end result was some kind of fungus that eventually covered all the dogs lips and nose up to and around the eyes, in a hard kind of scab! I have no idea what it was called ,but it finished the dogs working life !

    Keep mine away from them nowadays.

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