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Thread: Telescopic/portable backpack high seat

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    Telescopic/portable backpack high seat

    I am seriously considering by one of these for places I don't want to effect a permanent seat or for easily sitting out for a fox etc. Has anyone got or used one and are they worth it?

    Some of my stalking in in public forest and I can't leave a seat in place so would it be useful or do they just seem like a good idea? Your thoughts on it please.

    You can get them at bushwear or Scott country.

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    I have one and have accounted for a couple of Roebuck from it.

    I modified mine with some extra struts to make it more useable. Do a search on here to see the photographs. it was in the tips section but that has gone now it has probably been moved to stalking equipment.

    My modifications would also make it easier to carry in and deploy, rather than trying to set it up from scratch when you are fumbling in the pre-dawn light trying not to move or make a sound...I have always been able to set mine up the night before.

    Mereside on here also makes a telescopic version and has a better rest support system than the others as-bought.


    ps the link was in the footer..

    Telescopic high seat modification
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    I had one until it got nicked despite being cable locked to the tree. Good idea and handy but fiddly to put up and secure quietly hence why I had left mine out. The seat was comfortable and many an hour could be spent comfortably observing from a reasonable height.

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    Thanks I think I will get one.

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