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Thread: Reloading gear

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    Reloading gear

    Hi Guys

    Lee Challenger breech lock press Sold

    Lee Deluxe .223 2 die set (dead bullet seater and full length sizing die) with shell holder good condition Sold to GBR389

    Lee Carbide .38 special three die set Carbide sizing, powder through expander and bullet seat die 20 posted (2 sets of these dies both boxed) one set sold doonered

    Lee 45/70 pacesetter 3 die set (sizing, expander powder through and seating die) 22 posted

    Lee Powder thrower full working order just needs the metal stand Sold

    Lee 45 acp decapping/sizing die and lyman 45 acp expanding die 15 posted

    Lee .44 special expanding die 7 posted

    Lyman 9mm luger sizing die (needs new recapping pin), Lee expanding powder through die 12 posted

    Ohaus/RCBS powder beam scale metric, original box with instructions Sold Archie12

    Redding Model number 2 powder beam scale, original box with instructions 65 posted

    Lee zip trim case trimmer Sold

    kinetic hammer Sold Archie12

    Lyman powder trickler Sold Archie12

    Lee hand primer set up for large primers Sold Archie12

    Lee Hand Primer set up for small primers Sold


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    I will take the kinetic hammer please, pm me your payment method


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    "Lee Hand Primer set up for small primers 12 posted"

    I'll take this please -- PM sent


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    Ill take the press pm inbound

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    I'm interested in the scale and would like first refusal depending on what it is.?

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    If the small hand primer sale falls through, I'll have that and the large one. Can you pm me with details?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Beks View Post

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    Mr Fox which Scales the ohaus is now sold to archie12 but the redding is still available


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