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    I went out last night and was lucky enough to shoot a nice boar that i would like to have mounted .Does anybody know a taxidermist in the south wales area that would be able to undertake this work? I think there's a guy in the rhondda area a tel number would be great.Ive got the head in the chiller at the moment so i guess it is ok for a couple of days but would like to get it done asap.Thanks for any info

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    Hi Sean

    Have a gander at this thread:

    Is this the fella you need?



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    Just googled him; if he's the one, try:

    John Hallett Taxidermy - 01443 441529

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for the number i spoke to him and piggys booked in

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    No prob.

    Stick a pic on when you get it back!

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