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    Well, Moonbat is involved, a right fruitcake, so there is an agenda and the sparks from axes being ground are blinding.
    I wonder if the reintroduced predators will have been warned to stay away from farm and domestic animals which are someones' living. Do they sign a pledge before release, I wonder?.
    I'm sure there are far more important matters to report other than the ravings of these loonies?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteL View Post
    Well, Moonbat is involved, a right fruitcake...

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    Interesting coincidence, I'm just reading some research on this and I feel the evidence for and against is fairly even.

    Positive - predation of roe, fox, (personally they may be useful for muntjac control)
    Negative - predation of roe (where numbers are low) capercaille, black grouse, wildcat

    The effect on livestock is relatively low (except in Norway where the sheep lived in forests) and reduces as the lynx adapt to wild prey. The biggest problem is that a sustainable population may have to be quite large, over 100 animals, or it becomes unsustainable owing to inbreeding.

    The "rewilding" is not, I feel, likely or indeed possible, but aiming for a stable ecosystem is and one of the main drivers for no lynx was no deer. We now have plenty of deer, so the conditions may be right.

    Tin hat on!

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    Sounds to me like a 'quick fix' feel good token effort to me. Can't expand native wildcat populations, so hey, lets just import lynx instead...

    They should get to grips with other conservation efforts first IMHO - grey squirrels, zebra mussels, killer/invasive shrimp, etc...

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    "Rewilding" not that old chestnut again? Ok it is possible- Just lower the human population to hunter/gatherer levels at say 300,000 max, reverse all the open access legislation. By all means bring in Lynx, Wolves,Bear .......Irish Elk or whatever. Then consign Black Grouse ,Capercallie Red Squirrel to extinction. While you are at it leave Scotland as a third world wilderness. Looking at what is filtering out of The Scottish Parliment just now we are probably going to end up there anyway.


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    Beware Beware Beware. We had the reintroduction of wolves to the Western US and control was not explicit written into the plan. So, once those target population numbers were released they were able to prevent/delay any control until the number had FAR exceeded targets. This resulted in some catastrophic results for some of our elk herds. Skewed the herd population and age ratio dramatically.

    But if you do agree to a rewilding plan - make sure that you write Picts into it. After all, they are a historic wild population - Right?

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    what tribe do you belong to then ?

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