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Thread: Trail Camera - Recommendations

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    Trail Camera - Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a trail camera?. I'm looking for reliability and sensible price. Preferably IR, if possible.
    Thanks in advance

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    I've two of the bushnell ones found them to be brilliant the trigger speeds aren't what they say but same could be said for any of the makes, if you look around you can get older models with ir at a good price too.

    atb Tristram

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    Quote Originally Posted by boar & deer View Post
    Acorn 5210A Wildlife Trail Camera, Standard & Outdoors

    Been using these for a while ill try and up load some pics form it
    + on the Acorn - A very good camera and reasonably priced.

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    What about ones that you can text and you can see the pic remotely , and also ones that email pics to you. Any good ? Which ones are best.

    clearly it's much better to get the pic without having to visit the camera each time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biffo View Post
    What about ones that you can text and you can see the pic remotely , and also ones that email pics to you. Any good ? Which ones are best.

    clearly it's much better to get the pic without having to visit the camera each time.
    Yes that would be the best method as you wouldn't disturb anything but like anything you get what you pay for and look around at the different prices and they are a lot more + a yearly fee for the email service I believe.

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    I run older Bushnell cameras - as a fashion item you can often get last year's for a lot less money than the more recent model and a lot of people are of the view that the older ones were better. Bushnell have a fast trigger and produce relatively good images at a good price, especially for older models. You should consider that any electronics you leave outdoors in a cheap plastic box will have a finite life and with any trail camera this seems to be about 2 years on average. Given all of this it isn't wise to spend a fortune on a camera, apart from anything else someone might steal it, as you need to consider it as a disposible item. I think Bushnell used to be far ahead of the curve in terms of value/performance but I think that they've dropped the ball a little with recent models and that other manufacturers are starting to offer similar features at a similar point on that curve.

    In terms of texting and emailing of pictures you need to ask what advantage this will give you or what extra information it will provide? In my situation the answer, when I considered it, was "none." Picking up the card gives me all the info on deer movement that I require and having got this info instantly wouldn't change how the deer had moved, or what I knew about it. Clearly if you live on the ground or are trying to catch poachers or similar then your situation is different. However, what does give you more information is having more cameras and you can probably buy 3 - 4 normal cameras for the cost of buying and running one of the text/email types for a year. That will give you 3 -4 times as much info for the same money and so, in my circumstances, is much better bang for my buck.

    For lots of trail cam info take a look at the Chasing Game forum, these people take their trail cameras really seriously:
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    I have used the bushnell trophy cams for some years, and they are great as long as they work properly. Some of mine have gone wild after a short time and started taking pictures every minute until the sd card where full or they ran out of battery. Always got new cameras on the warranty, but a bit irritating sorting through several thousand pictures.

    Trying out the ScoutGuard 560`s now, and so far they seem to do a great job. The trigger speed are not the fastest, but if you angle the camera on a trail or use them on a salt lick that should not be to much of a problem.

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    I used two trail cameras from maplins the make is swannn cost around 80 each and came with 5m sd card too.

    Get both still photos and video.

    Hope that helps.

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