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Thread: Wifi routers

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    Wifi routers

    Hi all,

    so I want to provide wifi to some cottages. I have the bandwidth coming in but the router bt provide is not up to it. Anyone have knowledge of commercial routers and would like to make any recommendations?



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    Wireless extenders
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    Wills, what is it that the BT routers aren't up to? I assume possibley range ?? Give me some idea of the problem and I'll try and help you out if I can.

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    I don't know much but this I do know. There are "Wireless G" routers (such as the older Sky broadband) and "Wireless N" routers (such as the latest Plus Net). Wireless N is newer and more powerful and suited to traditional brick built houses.

    I live in a pair of semi-detached houses. There is just one router in the one house and yiu have to use that signal to cover BOTH the houses. They are traditional brick.

    When we had Sky the coverage was bad. Now I have Plus Net the coverage works. The old Sky router was "G" and as Sky would not renew it for their new router (which I believe is "N") I swapped to Plus Net as their routers are "N".

    So your coverage issue may be what type of router you use. Can you see if it says "G" or "N" or just type that model name into an internet search engine.

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    There isn't really a commercial router - they all pretty much do the same thing. As Limulus says, wireless extenders are probably the solution. Feel free to PM me with the specifics of the problem - distance, building construction etc. and I'll try and point you in the right direction. I don't suppose they're all on the same ring main are they?
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    I wondered about the ring main thing.


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    Thanks all. When I say not up to it, I mean the signal cannot be detected in the cottages. I have just upgraded to fibre optic, so just waiting to receive the new router. I have seen that is possible to create a virtual bridge with another router, so I'm going to try that with a belkin I have kicking around. Ultimately I want to provide this to the caravans too.

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    Wills, it seems what you want to do is to extend the range by using an additional wireless access point. If you use a spare router, you want to go into it's settings and switch it top access point mode. By doing that it becomes 'unintelligent' for want of a better word, then it will effectively be an extension of your existing wireless network. You can conect the router and the access point wirelessly, try to make sure the access point gets as strong a signal from your router as possible. If you can, you can always connect the two via an ethernet cable (building constraints etc obviously may negate this) which is possibly the most efficient way of connecting them. You can buy access points relatively cheaply as they are basically a router without the cleverness included!

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