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Thread: Gun insurance for Africa

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    Gun insurance for Africa

    Hi All

    Any suggestions about gun insurance. I'm ok with personal travel insurance but I'm struggling to find cover for my guns that covers them outside Europe. Any help gratefully received. No immediate hurry as I'm not off until April but I would like to get some idea of cost vs cover.

    Thanks in advance


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    Well I struggled recently, and there will be a thread somewhere, but Bluefin and NFU were often mentioned. I did try the much publicised SCI insurance scheme, but, surprise, surprise, it's only for Americans, something they forget to mention in their literature. Is your rifle really worth all that much actually?

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    Custom rifle - 3000
    Couple of scopes - 3000
    Odds, sods, mods, mounts and the case - 1500

    Yep, I'd say that was worth it.

    I have found a company called Gunplan so I'll have a chat with them but it's looking quite expensive from their website.


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    For a recent trip, ie 18 moths ago I insured my gear with the NFU . Cost was 240 but I considered that reasonable considering the value of the rifle and optical kit I was taking with me. I must say my local office was most helpful. I hope that that is useful to you , respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris.

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    Might be worth checking with your house insurance i asked mine if it would be covered and they said it was ok but it is insured separately on my contents

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    Hmm. Expensive gear Fabnosh. Don't go through Amsterdam!!!!

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