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Thread: first trip out stalking....

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    first trip out stalking....

    Well as some of you guys know i was going for my first trip out stalking today up to Scotland with amberdog (cheers amberdog), well the day started at 3am were i met up with anberdog and we set off up to Scotland 3 hours later we arrived at the location for today’s stalk to find a lot of snow any way we got kitted up and off we went heading up the farm track were the snow was nicely compacted. but god was it a different story when we got off the track with the average snow depth of 3ft (iv never seen snow like it), any way we decided it would be best to get into the woods to stalk and see what was about.

    the snow was still pretty deep in the woods so we carried on wading trough it and did a fair few miles round the shoot but all we saw was a few pheasants and a few wood cocks. so 9am came and we decided to head back to the car and hope we saw some on the way back but got was it a stomp to the car in 3ft of snow down the rides. any way we did not see any deer today but ow well it was still a really good experience for me and not for one minuet has it put me off this stalking game.

    thanks once again amberdog for giveing my this opertunity to get into the stalking world

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    Well done Russ (and Amberdog), too bad you didn't see anything this time, but like you said, every trip out is a learning experience!


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    cheers pal and yes this realy has tort me a lot about how they act in diferent wether

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    Blimey Russ, hope you had your wooly undercrackers on - ther's a fair bit of snow there!

    Some you win, some you lose, but at least you didn't get stranded or any other snow-based escapade..... Good luck for next time you're out!



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    cheers ye got wraped up prety warm

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    Dare i ask why you set off up north to try and bag a deer in this **** weather we are having lol i live here and just add to the carbon foot print by turing up the heating. I am sure next time you will see the true glory of scotland mate.

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    to be honest mate the jerny was clear up untill 600yds away from the shoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Well done Russ (and Amberdog), too bad you didn't see anything this time, but like you said, every trip out is a learning experience!

    i can only add to what CSL has said
    Wayne is a great bloke with a genuine attitude and for sure he will guide you in the right direction
    might seem a different direction to your trip on boar, but at least this one was reality and some thing to build on for the future

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    yep looking forwords to getting into this stalking lark im hooked already

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    Ay up well we tried and cheers for your kind words, As the weather is not too good and i want Russ to remenber his first i think it should be a buck,it's only a few weeks away and culling a doe heavy with unborn young realy late on in the season may not be the memory a new stalker should start off with.
    Russ you keep reading and send for the best practice guides,now you have me dreaming of my first buck........

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