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Thread: Doctor and leupold scopes

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    Doctor and leupold scopes

    Doctor 8x56 provisionally sold.
    In good used condition with minor cosmetic marks! Ret 4a Glass is good! 320 Ono posted rmsd

    Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14 x 50mm LR/T - duplex ret In very good condition boxed with all paperwork, this scope was used with an Archer, nv now sold and have bought a swaro so it has sat in its box for months and really needs to be sat on a rifle 550 Ono posted rmsd

    Pics available via email or phone (haven't worked out how to attache them here doh!)
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    Leupold dropped to 625 !

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    Both scopes reduced

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    What size tube on the 8x56 please.

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    Hi 270rem tube size is one inch,regards jab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARCHERFOREVER View Post
    How much for the doctor now
    Doctor was 350 now 320 posted thanks

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    Ok guys either they are not the (in)scopes at the moment
    or have I got the prices way out !
    What do you think ?

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    I'm not sure about the doctor leupds resale prices are generally very low tho. They don't se to hold there value. And it is December not many people buying just now

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