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Thread: Fallow Rut

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    Fallow Rut

    Started this Morning, a bit half hearted but 5/6 groaning for an hour or so.
    Anybody else ?
    ( Suffolk near Bury )

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    Nothing on Sunday morning in north Essex. In fact hardly any deer about in traditional rutting areas.

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    Nothing this morning up near Woodbridge. Managed a couple of bucks but no grunting. I have seen loads of routing stands though so can't be far away.

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    We were out in Cirencester tuesday, No grunting but lots of dopey prickets running about. Shot a pricket and a sorrell both of them had that lovely musky odour about them.Bucks are grunting in the Wye valley Hopefully should kick off this weekend in Cirencester.Roll on the does in November and some nice cold crisp mornings and the cover dying off a bit.
    Regards sean

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    Nothing to report on my parts of east sussex
    Atb Steve

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    It's that wonderful time when you have the best of both worlds IMHO. Bucks are occasionaly groaning, stands are starting to be established but bucks are moving about/fighting, rather stupid and yet are in peak condition and fit for the gamedealer. All we need is some cold weather!

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    I heard a few grunts in South Oxon on Saturday.

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    Heard a few grunts last night and the deer are a bit smelly now with carcasses showing a few puncture wounds .

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    Shot one tonight (East Sussex) , absolutely stinking ,another one was grunting further back in the wood ..

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    Had one Buck grunting at me and a Dane Client I accompanied for someone as we approached where we wanted to get to on Sat (11th) Morning near Woodbridge followed by two distinct sets of antler clashes underway in the woodland in opposite directions from our position. Another Dane Client reported hearing a Buck Grunting on the opposite side of estate. Didn't hear anything Sat Night when out, but it had significantly warmed up by then. Sun Morning same place as Sat Morning and there was again a couple of grunts from within the woods followed by three separate clashes of antlers. Went in to try and stalk on to them, but didn't manage it.

    Keeper reported seeing two of the smaller bucks furiously scrapping the night before about 80 yds from our original position and you could see signs of a few scrapes in locations surrounding the area.

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