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Thread: Anyone on here stalk on or around Cannock chase ???

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    Anyone on here stalk on or around Cannock chase ???

    Hi lads

    just curious does anyone on here stalk on or around the Cannock chase area ?????



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    Dave - I was under the opinion it was all pretty much FC land - could be wrong.

    Peter Purseglove certainly used to do a fair bit there if I recall correctly
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    Hi Dave

    A friend of mine has some ground on the edge of the chase. He shoots deer everytime he goes. I have been pestering him for about 10years for an invite but he is not able to take guests.

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    Is Patrick Falkner still shooting in that area? I don't know if Patrick is a site member.
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    I read an article not too long ago about poaching being quite a problem on the Chase. From what it said the stalking is all FC on their ground. Way too many dog wwalkers, mountain bikers, school groups, joggers, doggers, etc over there for my liking anyway.
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    Mainly FC ground and fallow deer on the Chase but Southern part (Beaudessert area) has or had a few years ago a very nice lot of big Reds. These were managed by Staffordshire County as they own a lot of the land. I say had because they were there since Adam was a lad and back in the 90's I sat in a field watching eight massive stags cudding about a hundred yards off. Since that time we have seen the advent of many pikey type coursers who have no respect for wildlife and things may well have changed.
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    work with a bloke from cannock ,his father in law shoots the edge of the chase and again cant take is FC rangered and yes the travelling gents are known to drive by with a .22 and slot any deer b4 legging it with their t.but of course its not pc to say they are travellers

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