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Thread: Boys day out

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    Boys day out

    Took my son out a couple of weekends back as we had a bit of a "Boys" weekend due to my wife and youngest being at a relations golden wedding anniversary. He's been out stalking with me before and we managed to get a nice buck for the freezer but this time all we saw were does but he still enjoyed himself. Next event for the day was having a go with "his" newly acquired .410 shotgun which he managed to get about 4 out of 20 clays with and no bruises as he got before when using the 20 bore. This was followed by a bit of feral pigeon shooting with the airgun in the farm steadings and another stalk at dusk where several does were once again spotted but again no bucks. To top off a great day we then went out foxing with my mate and after explaining to him that the chances of getting one were slim we managed to get two, a vixen and a wiley old dog fox which I'm sure I've been after for a while. We were using the lamp to scan the fields and as soon as we got a flash went to the laser designator which worked perfectly and it looks to me that they just can't see it so should be able to get some of the lamp shy foxes that are on the go.

    All in all we had a great day getting home just before 1am with junior sleeping 5 minutes after leaving the farm but he tells me this has been "the best day ever". Fox tails are currently filled with salt out in the garage as he wants a souvenir but told him there's no way his mum's going to let him hang them off his bed!!
    I pretty much agree that this was one of "the best days ever" and look forward to taking him out again, chances are we'll be beating for my mate to pay him back for the stalking/clays/foxes but what a great way to "pay" for priceless days like these.

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    Excellent - I have a little boy here who is dying to go foxing with me (which I do almost every night). He's still a puppy though, so I'll have to wait a while yet...

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    top day well done. I remember taking my son ferreting not the biggest bag but the best day

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    Great read, magical days for the memory bank

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    Great tale and one that will be remembered, I'm sure.

    Out of interest which designator do you use?



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    Hi Jim
    It's a Laser Genetics ND3x50 Subzero. Great tool but the mount that came with it is totally pants so I picked up a fixed torch mount type off of ebay. You can adjust the beam and use it to scan the fields if you want and zoom in when you need to but I prefer using the lamp for scanning but I am convinced that they cannot see the beam even when almost fully zoomed in.

    Hopefully get out again soon and I'm sure I'll have a willing assistant........ he won't stop asking.

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    Cheers Whinbush,

    Something else for the wish list.


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    Whinbush, how old is your lad, as in want to take my boys out and not sure if there to young , there 6 and 8

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    He just turned 8 in July but has been beating on odd days since he was 6 and came stalking with me the first time about a year ago. First time beating he ended up on my shoulders for the last 2 drives but it had been a long day. Its good to get them started young and he'd far rather be out with me than wgatching TV or anything else so I hope this continues and I'll encourage it as much as possible as im sure it wont be long until he wants to "stalk" girls or get up to something else instead of going out with his "old man". It also helps to keep his interest when he gets to have a go on tractors, combines and drive my motor in the field (its automatic) I'd loved to have had the same experiences he has had when I was young.

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    Thanks Whimush, i will take him out at the end of the month when the clocks go back, wont be to late for him then

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