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Thread: Bergara Scout rifle

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    Bergara Scout rifle

    Does anyone here have hands on experience of the above named single shot rifle please ? They are not very widely available down this way so it is a bit hard to get opinions.
    Good/Bad/Indifferent ??????

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    Pretty rare in this country too Timbo. Don't know about their rifles but the barrels have a good reputation and are considered by many to be good value for money.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Cant quote on the rifles, but can on the barrels.
    'Our James' (on here as Jager SA) produced wonderful work with these barrels which created amazing accuracy at 200m (one tiny little hole in both 6.5x47L and 308)

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    Have never tried one, but opposite to their barrels they dont have good reputation here in spain, where they are made. A lot of info regarding very poor accuracy in spanish hunting forums.

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    Thanks guys.
    Yep, my understanding so far is that the barrels have a good rep, but the rifles have a few niggles.
    Accuracy (at range anyway) is not paramount , since the rifle is to be used exclusively as a close up Roar tool, either in 308 or 44 mag.
    Close up being max 50 yards

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