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Thread: Hi from Lancashire

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    Hi from Lancashire

    Hi All,
    I do know a few of you already as I am the other (better?) half of smithp18 aka Phil/Smithy.
    Whilst I don't stalk myself, apart from with camera, I seemed to have got roped in at the final bit i.e. Butchering.
    I do go out with Phil & Seb but when it is more of a recon rather than stalk.
    I love to see the Sika out on the field during the summer and trying (not very well) to get that perfect photo.
    Been out on recon this afternoon looking for bucks.
    Anyway that's me! And thanks to Sikamalc and Jayb for encouring me to join.
    All the best

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    Hi Michelle, welcome to the site!


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    Michelle welcome to the site, it would be rude not to,
    I cant claim credit for the photos any more,
    This bunch will make you very wellcome and you never know some of the other better halfs might start to use he site, you wont be the only one wondering and looking I suspect.

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    Hi Michelle,welcome to the site

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    My dear Mrs Smith, so glad you made it

    You may have started a trend, lets hope so. I look forward to more photo's and maybe some recipes. More ladies joining all the time, we have Aunty from NZ now, but I think Fester was the attraction there .

    Have fun

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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