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Thread: ordering kit off eBay from hong kong

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    ordering kit off eBay from hong kong

    I've only used eBay to buy stuff from UK suppliers but this is the item I want this time and it's from hong Kong...

    Uncle Mike #1810-2 | eBay

    Has anyone had any problems with this kind of transaction?.
    Apart from the customs bill of course.


    ps... If anyone knows where I can get the item here pse let me know. Thanks
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    If you use paypal you should be fine. I got some torches to go on a scope and cost around 10 and are better than cluelite.

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    I've ordered loads of bits from HK on eBay in the last couple of years. Everything has arrived just fine and has been of a quality expectant to the price or even better. I've also never paid import tax but that may just be they weren't that expensive.

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    I've bought quite a lot of stuff on eBay from Hong Kong and China - torches, batteries, magnets, screws, camera stuff, etc - and never had a problem. A couple of times I've had slow delivery but the sellers have always responded well. I do pay close attention to their feedback before I place an order. You can often buy the same item from a variety of sellers, and I always select the one with the best feedback, as most sellers realise the importance of being seen as fair and responsive.

    I've never had to pay import duty, but maybe I've just been lucky.
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    My stuff's arrived in the past ive never had any problems and ive never had to pay any extras

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    Thanks guy's, much appreciated.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I've bought sling swivels and such a few times, no customs trouble and less than half the price they cost here.

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    I have had a few things delivered from HK before too, as long as you pay by PayPal you should be ok, also recently at the end of September, I ordered a transformer from HK and the delivery was said to be 15-30 October, it was delivered on the 2nd of October, some of the companies have stock in the UK and have items delivered in a few days.

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    never had a problem pf,bought about 30 items from hk/china never a customs bill .only 1 faulty item andthat was a charger which they replaced and told me to bin the duff 1.they are far better to deal with than uk ebayers,atb

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    Item was in my post basket behind the door today.
    Took about two weeks from ordering.
    Well pleased.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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