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Thread: .222 Wanted.

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    .222 Wanted.


    In the market for a .222 to use as a foxing rig, looks not important, as long as it shoots straight,I'll consider anything.

    Slot on ticket for gun and mod.

    Full setup also considered...hopefully near Central Scotland, but quite happy to RFD...

    Not keen on set triggers.

    Please PM with info if you can help.

    Thanks for looking.

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    i have a few .222 on the shelf
    drop me a email address and i will forward details and pics


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    Hi mate,

    I still have my .222 for sale, brand new never fired. see this link for detail.

    I can do you a good deal if your interested. ?

    For Sale: CZ 527 American .222 for sale.

    Pm me if interested.


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