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Thread: 308 Winchester bullet choice

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    308 Winchester bullet choice

    Looking for some input on bullet choice for stalking deer on the open hill using a 308 win with 1:11 twist. Would appreciate any recommendations before I attempt reloading them. Thanks in advance

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    Sierra gameking 165grain should do the trick mate.
    Regards Marcus

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    duke 5339 and big ears,
    Thanks for your help. Sierras it is then. May just try some of each weight to see how they fly.

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    Hi, I use the Sierra Game King in 150grain and find them perfect for the job.

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    Hornady 150-gr with 45.0 to 46.5 gr of RL-15, same for their SST, or the Sierras.
    Drop down a grain, 45.5 max, with the Barnes TTSX 150 gr.

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    I've used the Gamekings, and they are probably the most accurate, but I found that they don't always expand quick enough on Roe, leading to a few runners. All found dead within 50-60m but not always easy in dense woodland. I've switched to SSTs and now have no problems at all. 150s or 168s would be fine for the job.

    If you are just after Reds, then the Gamekings would be perfect. I like to find a load that works on everything I may bump into!



    just checked, I'm using 150 SSTs at the moment.
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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that responded to my question. Greatly appreciated.

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    I use Nosler Accubond 165-gr, no complaints apart from availability!

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