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Thread: .308 advise

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    .308 advise

    Anyone use Nosler Partition or Barnes TTSX bullets on Roe deer. I use a .308 but would be interested to hear experiences in any caliber. I currently use Winchester Ballistic Silvertips (150g) which are very accurate in my rifle. I enjoy trying different factory ammunition, Norma, Sako and Federal load with Partitions and TTSX so was going to try if I can get hold of them. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    All i can say is that I use the 150 grain partitions from my 308 on sika. I'd guess that a sika calf isn't so much bigger than a roe so there might be some parallels.

    I get very little meat damage and, even better, very impressive kills on chest shot sika. Until I moved to the Partitions all my chest shot sika ran at least 50 yards but now a lot go straight down. Of course not every single chest shot deer drops where it stands but I'd say most of them now do. So, for that reason I'm now a big fan of the Partition and it is my main deer load and has been for quite a few years now as it saves me many hours of crawling about in forestry looking for runners.

    I'm home loading them and not shooting them that fast, I'd say around 2700fps.
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    Thanks for the info, I had read that Partitions were particularly effective on Sika. A few articles on line suggest they are not as accurate as some bullets, possibly due to the exposed core at the base deforming on firing. Do you find them to be as accurate as anything else you've tried?

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    I've shot a few roe with 150gr partitions out of my short barreled 308. MV is 2,600fps. They expand nicely and work well though you cannot take frontal shots for fear of reaching the haunches (softer bullets tend to lodge in the stomach) - not that you should take such shots. Not shot the barnes on roe and as I'm not a fan wouldn't want to really.

    Tough bullets aren't really necessary on roe or even desirable. The partitions design means it expands but you don't really need the penetration they offer IMHO even though they expand well. Personaly I think a 150gr ballistic tip is a better choice*. The partitions have been pretty accurate in most of my rifles though not all.

    * if you're purely shooting roe. If it's an alround load it can't be beat and I would be happy using it on moose on my annual Swedish trip if I ran out of 165s
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    130g TTSX out of a 308 are awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sako308 View Post
    Do you find them to be as accurate as anything else you've tried?
    My feeling was that they were not quite as accurate, on paper, as the Hornday Spire Points I was using previously. However, the truth is that they've always killed the deer I've shot with them even on neck and head shots and they probably still shoot far more accurately than I can in the field. Were I setting out to shoot targets at long distance then I might discount them, as it is I'm shooting deer to about 250 yards and in that context I don't think I could establish any meaningful trend if I compared them with any other bullet I've used.
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    130-gr TTSX in a .308 Win with 43.0 grains of TAC powder will do the trick in most good rifles.

    Same load with a less expensive conventional bullet for practice ( or hunting at over 200 yards).

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    Been trying to get hold of .308 130g TTSX for a while, will load some up when I do. Do they expand ok in Roe? Was concerned they would just go straight through. Also any barrel cleaning issues with these?

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    The 130 TTSX expand really well on roe and fox alike. Not too tough for Roe at all

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    I've used 150 gr tsx from federal factory ammo. They are good and accurate for me, with good energy transfer on chest & neck shot Red. I've only neck shot the Roe with them, but they've all dropped on the spot.
    I've heard stories of no or under expansion on short range shots, especially in the higher weight for calibre bullets, but that's not from my experience with 150gr in .308.

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