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Thread: Felt sorry for the dog

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    Felt sorry for the dog

    The now nearly 7 month old Weimaraner is coming on well so yesterday I did her a track using only a few drops of blood here and there, up to now I've also used a bit of skin and / or feet. I fed her a dummy by walking on a few yards without any blood drops then back tracked and changed direction continuing the trail. At the end I left a plastic container with a piece of raw meat reward for her and covered it over with twigs and leaves. Now this was quite rough ground thick with brambles so no easy challenge.
    3 hours later she performed fantastic not fooled by my dummy track but having to work from blood drop to drop. A few minutes later she had completed the track and looked at me as if to say WTF all this work for an empty plastic tub. I felt gutted for her as something had thieved her reward. She had to make do with a few meaty chunks and lots of praise
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    Very funny, just means there is a wild animal out there who also has a good tracking ability!

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    I came home Saturday evening after being out with Roedinator and a friend of mine Richard who is a new stalker. Richard was lucky enough to shoot his first buck and a couple of small hardly noticeable drops of blood managed to fall on my gun case in the back of the truck. As soon as I got home I put the case down in the living room and immediately my GWP was all over it so too was my daughters young terrier who has never seen a deer. The terrier was actually more excited about it than the GWP and even tried to tunnel inside the slip when the rifle was removed. I've got a feeling that that little Jack Russell/Border cross terrier could make a good pocket sized tracking dog.
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    I realised a long time ago that if I could ever get a fox and train it to track I'd have the perfect deer dog ,cause the little buggers followed one or two of my tracks and snaffled the dogs goodies
    it always seems to happen when the dog has done particularly well!

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