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    Howdy. What are you guys and taxidermists using for deer hides? Fleshing machines abound in the US and yet I don't see them for sale in the UK at all. I haven't even been able to find a seller of a fleshing tool/knife. A hand tool would be economical but painful. Ideas? Thoughts?

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    i have one , i am fairly sure its called a QUBECK FLESHER , or something on them lines ,it bolts to a work top ,and you run over it from left to right , its an old one but works well on 240 v , that may help you with a Google search , good luck , Arron.

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    Hi. Thanks. I've heard of the Quebec Flesher and the Quebec Lite but again nothing for sale in the UK. There's also the Bettcher but same story.

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