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Thread: Lawrence Precision Nexus Compact - any reviews?

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    Lawrence Precision Nexus Compact - any reviews?

    Looking for any reviews, comments, opinions, etc. on the Lawrence Precision Nexus Compact moderator...

    Note - the compact model is the shorter version of the Nexus - 19cm long, 300g weight

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    I've got one of them on my Blaser r8 .243. I'm highly delighted with it and will consider buying one in a different calibre if I buy a different barrel.

    atb Tim

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    I have one on a Sako 85 in 30-06. I was after a small, light high-quality moderator and was happy to compromise on noise attenuation in favour of less weight and heft. I already had a Nexus (non-compact) on a Sauer 202 in 6.5x55 which I was happy with. Simon through my RFD did advise that the noise attenuation on the compact in a 30 cal would not be as effective as on a larger mod, but having used it, I am happy to recommend the unit.

    Given the choice again, I would probably have put the compact on the 6.5 in the first place.



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    Hi I have one on my 3006 and it's a cracking but of kit , they are a bit more money than their rivals but don't think
    you could compare their quality or service from simon , buy once buy the best !!

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    I dont now what calibre your putting it on but i stalk with a chap off here and he uses one an eclipse (well i think its an eclipse) on a 6.5 and its pleasent to the ear so it does what it should it also feels very well balanced

    i cant comment on any other calibre as i havnt heard one on anything else

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    I've been looking at these for the 6.5x55 I'm planning to buy, so I'm interested in the thread, does anyone have one on the shorter option barrel on a T3 or had their barrel chopped to have one?? Would you recommend that? A friend has a massive over barrel mod on a t3 super varmint with a heavy barrel and I can barely lift it and its really unbalanced, so really keen on these ultra light mods and would appreciate anyones opinion of them on longer and shorter barrels, Cheers

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    I have got one on my 6.5x55, not the quietest but balances the rifle brilliant.

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    I also have one on a 6.5x55 and am disappointed by the noise

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    PointBlank did you have the barrel shortened in order to get the mod/maintain the balance??

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    I have one on a Steyr Scout .308W as I was looking to keep the combo as short and as light as possible.

    Sound attenuation: Not any better or any worse than most other moderator
    Engineering/Built quality: Superior
    Weight: Balances the already short rifle very nicely.
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