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Thread: Pulling the birds

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    Pulling the birds

    Sorry maybe not what you thought

    My wife and I are amateur keepers in Northamptonshire, and look after the birds on one part of a small farmers' shoot. ( ~400 birds in our release pen).

    Too maximise the success of the drives it would be helpful to be able to attract the birds to one or two different areas of the wood. Can anyone please advise how to do this? I understand that aniseed can be helpful, but have no idea as to how best to use it.

    Open to any legal / polite suggestions

    Thanks in advance

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    Try bird puller (Game Feed Supplement - Gamekeep), only needs a small amount mixed in with corn and then hand feed back to where you want the birds and place a feeder there containing the same mix.

    I have no connection with this company.

    Hope this helps,
    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    Thanks 243 S

    How far in advance of the shoot day?

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    you could put hoppers in these areas , only feed the areas you want to drive from, use attractants all the time, encourage the birds with shelters for dusting, put straw rides down . just some ideas, but you need to start like yesterday as time is moving on

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    Placing feeders where you want the birds and try some aniseed in the wheat. Feeding away as some do with feeders on boundaries can also take your birds away. You cannot beat the dogging in and that is every day not just on shoot days.Its hard work keeping them in the places you want. Keep down the predators.

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    To help ensure they are there on shoot day hoppers won't help .the birds feed when they want and as much as they want ! Hand ie spinner feeding hungry birds and keepering them on the point of hungry will have them there at the time you want them so no over feeding occurs this requires no real skill just a steady nerve and a feel for your stock if they are hitting the ride as soon as u appear stick a bit more corn down if they are slow turning up theyre not hungry enough you get the gist .
    it can be done part time but 7 days a week I'm afraid .ask my wife !

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