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Thread: Sako 75 Magazine

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    Sako 75 Magazine

    Stainless Steel Magazine For A Sako 75 For 243 I Believe This To Be An Action NO3?

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    I got mine off GMK 105 they said it was there last in stock !!! also they have different feed lips so you need to know what cal you need it for MINE is 6.5x47 so needed a .243 as i had a 22.250 action that didt like to feed but do's now with help of a file they are out there but i have been searching, but as this is used as build off actions i feel the lads keep hold of them tight.

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    Hi i have a brand new Sako 75 243/308 Stainless mag spare. 65 posted

    Regards Bruce

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    if FoxPro is sorted ill buy it off you

    Atb Matt

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    F A Andersons have one hanging in it's packet in their shop. Showing a price of 95 if I remember right. They are in East Grinstead
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