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    Hi all, I'm 15 from the Scottish Borders and have a keen interest in all things country, Have spent a lot of time Roe Stalking with my dad and also have a big interest in photography, love to go out with the camera taking pictures of mostly wildlife. Currently use a sauer 202 in .270 calibre (hence the name). Also been on a couple of rough and driven pheasant shoots and also thoroughly enjoy that.
    Looking forward to becoming a part of the forum and learning from it.
    Thanks, Jack.

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    Welcome to the SD mate. This site is a wealth of knowledge for all.

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    Hello RoeStalker270 & welcome to the site. What part of the Borders are you in & do you have your own shotgun certificate yet?

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    Thanks guys, and i'm from Bonchester Bridge (7 miles from Hawick), and don't currently have my own shotgun certificate no, was waiting to get one until it would actually benefit me haha

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    I have a rough shoot about 10 miles from you. You would be welcome to come along for the walk & perhaps have the odd shot; it would just be much easier if you had a certificate & insurance.

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    Oh really? where is your shoot about? and yeah i can see the issue there with not having a certificate or insurance, (suppose that may be the benefit then, may have a look into it) but would love to come for the walk about anyway if the offer is still there, regardless of whether i could shoot or not

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    Hello and Welcome to the site


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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