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Thread: Mossberg hushpower

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    Mossberg hushpower

    Mossberg 500, 3 shot pump shotgun, full hushpower barrel.
    Camo colour
    Fitted with a reflex red dot sight
    Box of 250+ subsonic cartridges eley 5shot 32gram.....very quiet with these!!

    Swap wanted for a .177 precharge air rifle (12flbs) and filling gear. Must be .177, and multi shot prefered.

    Face to face only please. Located in suffolk.


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    Hi will poundnotes buy it ?????

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    Yes, would also like a price for the shotgun

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    Sorry chaps......shotgun has now gone....still after a air rifle though
    Point blank......the shotgun went to mallard barn gun shop near wattisham if you wanted to see if they still have it.....i will be heading over there next weds so will have a gander if you want?

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    Just down the road from me, might pop in for a look.

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