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Thread: Scope Rings Help

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    Scope Rings Help

    I'm looking for a. . . Leupold PRW 30mm Medium scope mount.
    I suspect there must be more people out there who have threaded one of the screws on the base and are currently sitting with one wrecked mount and one serviceable one.

    Now's your chance to sell it . .

    This is what I'm looking for -

    Leupold 30mm PRW Weaver Rings |

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    specialist rifle services will sort you out 01242863005

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    specialist rifle services will sort you out 01242863005
    I doubt it mate, I thought I would be as well hung for a sheep as a lamb, so tried to remove the bolt shaft from the threads myself, no amount of rifle smithing will remedy it now

    I took the dremel to it, then the drill, then the dremel, it's past saving now

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    Saturday afternoon bump, someone must have one lying around.

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