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    buffalo bull

    I was sat up in a high seat with my S.A. mate Wally last night, and he told me this story, I believe it to be true, as he's a pretty straight guy:-

    A lady in Africa was returning home to her farm one evening. The route to the farm meant she had to open and close several gates along the way. Well at one of these gates stood an enormous buffalo bull. She tried shooing, and hooting it and runing the car at it, but it wouldn't back down and move. The stand off continued for a while, and the light was starting to go. Totaly exhasperated she suddenly remembered her husband had an old rifle in the back of the car. She got the rifle, and after one more try at frightening the huge beast away, she fired a shot at it. The buffalo trotted off, and about 75 yards away from her it keeled over, stone cold, dead.
    The lady returned home, to a rather anxious husband, who was wondering what had made her so late. She relayed the tale to her husband, who told her she had been very lucky to get away with what she had done. The lady knew where to shoot the animal, so could see no reason why her husband had considered it LUCKY, and told him as much.

    The point was............................................... ........................................
    she had shot the buffalo with a .22 hornet. It would seem the tiny bullet had slipped between two ribs, straight into the heart.

    I loved the tale, hope you did too.


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    Now can I use my Hornet on a Sika stag?

    Just go's to show what can be achieved with a little bullet and a lot of luck


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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB
    Now can I use my Hornet on a Sika stag?

    Only if you head shoot it, and only if you can get less than a 1" group!
    I do hope that wasn't too cheeky

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    There is a authentic report of a Indian squaw shooting a grizzly bear dead with a pump action .22 rimfire. It happen in 1910, she hit it 5 times in the head before it went down.

    Best rgds


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    I have read a similar story in a book from the 1950's. It relates to a Inuit in Alaska regularly shooting grizzley with a rusty old 22 Hornet. Apparently the rifle did not shoot straight so the hunter had to get close enough to shoot a clean brain shot. If you read the book in full it would appear to be about as true a account as is possible in the hunting fraternity.
    The skins were used to make the front door of their summer shelters.

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    I do recall reading somewhere that somebody shot an Elephant with a 22lr. Apparently it was a sick animal that needed putting down, the person pulling the trigger was either a vet or very knowledgeable about the anatomy of an Elephant. The clever bit was placing the barrel against the things flank and pulling the trigger at the correct part of the breathing cycle, I can't remember what this was.

    buckup you bugger, me and that gun have shot many a rabbit in the head at beyond 100 yards, so a Sika stag would just be a big rabbit

    There you are, that's the Elephant who's got a box to put it in


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    I have heard a number of similar stories over the years. Personally speaking who ever these people are/were, they were either very lucky, or very stupid.

    I have no doubt that it has happened, there is or was a guy taking Wild Boar in Kent with a triple 2, about 8 years ago he even gave a talk to the NGO and admitted he head shot them all at night using a 222 and a lamp

    Sooner rather than later, your luck will run out. Having shot Cape Buff, I can tell you shooting one with a small calibre would be real fun better make sure your life insurance is up to date

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