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Thread: meet the foxes

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    meet the foxes

    eney one see it last night on sky intresting to see so meney foxes in the town and two getting shot now theres a first sombodey shooting two foxes and you see them getting shot with the 22rimfire 223 would have killed them better intresting program all the same wish i had as meney on my land better look out the back door probaly more out there than on the hill

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    Didn't see the programme Wraith,but,I am interested in how something could kill something better.....dead is dead isn't it?I am not trying to be clever by the way,but,I have shot an awful lot of Charlies with a .22lr as well as .204 and .243 and as I said if they are shot in the right place they fall over dead.By the way what programme was it and what channel was it on,maybe I can catch it on i-player or something..............cheers......'M'

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