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Thread: Is it just me ?

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    Is it just me ?

    Gentlemen lets broaden our minds . I have been a subscriber of the STORTING GUN from it started but this is and will be the last time.
    I said that last year but gave it one more year but its went from dreadful to a joke big time it should be called the sporting advertising mag the same story's and nothing new. it is definitely a waist of money and my time reading the same only in different wording storeys .
    Yours thrusts ?

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    Gave up on wasting money on hobby mags a long time ago, prefer to use it on beer and ammo now :-)

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    Haven't Bought it for years.
    Same articles reworded.

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    Gave up reading it years ago just after having a chat with the editor (Mr Scott)!!!

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    each month is a rerun of the same month a year ago

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    It's magazine, right. But what is a "storting gun"?~Muir

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    Sporting Gun does see to generate this view more than most. But I think all mags, if you read them all the time become repetitive. Especially single sport/hobby orientated ones. I now occasionally buy a magazine when I find some time to indulge, but I'll look along the shelf and find one with a few articles that interest me.

    Why is it that all the mags with the articles I like are on the top shelf though?

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    Does the spirting rifle magazine still exsist? I aint seen it in my local shops for a while.

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    I subscribed for about 12 months when I was new to rifle shooting about 3 years ago - learnt a fair bit but then stopped reading for the same reasons. I still subscribe to Shooting Times, but must admit that publication seems to be very 'samey' each week as well - probably due to running a shoot and seeing it all day in, day out!

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    I have been looking out for Sporting Rifle as well and have not seen it on the shelves for ages. Has it stopped publishing?

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