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Thread: Harkila trousers which?

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    Harkila trousers which?

    Going to be buying a new pair soon, which ones do you recommend. I want waterproof, not too thick, comfy, not too warm and durable....tons to choose from on they line old pro hunters I loved but just curious about what is currently seen as the best

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    Looked at all of them prior to replacing my old pro hunters. Was going to get a pair of the pro hunter x trousers. after trying them on I went back to the basic pro hunters. Cant be beaten in my opinion. Same with the jackets.


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    I like the new pro hunter X trousers better as they have thigh ventilation zips.

    Opposite for the jackets -- the pro hunters have underarm zips, the pro hunter X do not.

    Harkila seem to be going in circles?


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    It is hard to judge what is best for someone else.

    I usually destroy waterproof trousers in a fortnight however since I moved to Harkila that hasn't been happening and I currently have 3 pairs on the go, though one pair are basically destroyed now. The most recent addition was a pair of Pro Hunter X trousers and I've been impressed with them. The ventilation zips work well for me and despite 3 warm weeks in the hebrides there were only a few days when it was too warm for them. They seem relatively robust and are comfortable and they have survived more than 2 weeks which is quite an achievement.

    Given all this I would recommend the Pro Hunter X trousers but, clearly, I haven't tried every trouser made and I also don't know your exact requirements. If you are just walking around a farm somewhere down south then they are way over engineered for your needs for example.
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    thanks for your input guys, yes I was looking through their magazine and was overwhelmed by the different lines and series they do.

    I liked my old ones because there were light and airy enough for summer stalking and esp. when there's still dew they stay dry. however, for woodland stalking they were not too loud on the thicket as you walked through and on the hill in torrential rain and mud and sleet they were waterproof but I would still be able to layer up with merino wool or fleece under them to turn them into winter trousers.

    I liked the reinforced knees, I don't like pockets and zips and buttons on the belt line or buttons around the ankles..

    might have a look at the X but I think there's maybe one too many feature for me...suss

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    having just had another look, I think it's going to be the Extreme X with the nubuck on the front legs..looks good :-)

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    Try them on for fit first. When I tried them on I found them not as comfortable as the basic pro hunters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    having just had another look, I think it's going to be the Extreme X with the nubuck on the front legs..looks good :-)
    Heavy trousers !

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    Standard pro hunter trousers sound like what you want. Quite hard wearing, not hot, quite waterproof. They are quite cold when wet however and are also rather loud. Unless it's warm and pissing down I prefer a pair of ancient deerhunter ram trousers which are more comfortable even though less waterproof.

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    I find the pro hunters very hot in even the most snail like activities
    great for sitting around or being out on really nasty cold days but I am seriously considering having some zips added
    I use them for woodland walking around
    but I couldn't imagine doing hill walking in them!

    don't find them noisy at all

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