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Thread: Buck Season Finale.

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    Buck Season Finale.

    With the buck season almost over for another year how did everyone get on?

    Due to working away from home amongst other things, I had a pretty quiet season.
    I'm usually out twice or three times a week during the summer but alas not this year.

    For the times I did manage out my success rate was decent with a few nice wee bucks taken.
    I had four six pointers, nothing special but decent representative heads, the remainder being mostly cull bucks and spikers.

    I had a few most enjoyable stalks, with one lasting almost an hour of 'cat and mouse' over seriously undulating ground, with the wee buck appearing briefly; feeding, and then disappearing into another gully.

    I missed the vast majority of the rut but saw some chasing towards the end.
    I watched an old boy chase a yearling at full pelt, such was the youngsters panic he ran straight into a stock fence and took a bit of a beating. . He seemed to be none the worse of it though.

    I had what will probably be my last stalk on the bucks for the season tonight, saw a few deer but no shot taken. . . My rifle is off to have some barrel work done now and a new moderator fitted so that's that until the does come into season.

    Roll on the frosty mornings
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    Roll on the frosty mornings

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    last three days have been best of the season on roe bucks for me! managed one right at start of rut then missed the rest that's me season done and dusted now back to work offshore, as you said can't wait for the cold mornings to kick in!

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