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Thread: Blaser R8 .308 Barrel

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    Blaser R8 .308 Barrel

    Have a slot for a .308, looking for a seconhand barrel, please pm if you are thinking to sell one.

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    Best ask in the right part of the forum

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    Please let me know where that is? Think I posted under Firearm Components which should be correct?!

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    When I was looking for one I found that Ian Mulliner of Mulliner guns was very helpful, also Greenfields of Salisbury didn't have a barrel for an R8 but did have one for an R93 so may be worth asking them to keep their eye open.
    Both are very helpful.

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    Hi there is a new one for sale on Guntrader

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    Thanks, Tried Ian & left my number with them just incase they get an R8, not tried Greenfields yet, will call them tomorrow. Found a fluted advertised for 625 new by Sportsman at Exeter but when called to order they said its a mistake & said if I want one it will br 1450! Standard new about 850, looking for a second hand. Think they are around 500 if I can find one....

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