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Thread: Few photos from down under

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    Few photos from down under

    Gidday to all you knotted hanky wearers.

    Dunno really where to post on this site yet as I am so fresh and innocent, but heres a few pics of what we do in the colonies, when we are not making love to sheep

    3 sleeping fallow, were amazed we could stalk this close

    typical NZ bush stalking

    more open stuff, we heard Osama was hiding in this valley but never saw him

    scrubby fallow head culled out before it rooted too much

    strange animal sex cult i stumbled across, during some form of ritual

    thats me down in the creeks looking for Osama

    and on the tops

    typical NZ red and fallow deer habitat

    182 lb on my back

    few of my pig dogs

    one of my best dogs

    myself ( left ) and a mate ( porkchop ) and a nice set of hooks from last year

    heres a gorge where a pig fell after being shot when the dogs were at a momentarty safe distance, you can see the pig in the water bottom right

    only one way to get it

    roping up to swim back down the gorge, 11degree water!!!!

    miscellaneos pig hunting shot

    couple of russian clients

    rubbishy fallow from last year

    i shot this last year with a broken arm

    3am and just got back

    heaps more, but a bit of a sample of the **** we do

    take care all

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    some great photos there mate, no wonder Osamas still hiding !

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    Good photos Aunty,

    pig and fully clothed sex good, then pigs and naked men. Worrying!

    Welcome to the site

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    Amazing photos and scenery.

    NZ has always been a place I've wanted to visit.

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    Agreed, fantastic photos - that's proper wilderness right there!


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    You are truly blessed Aunty,the countryside is spectacular mate,and full of sport,do you have to pay for the shooting or once you are in the wilds is it a free for all(so to speak)


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    Cheers Aunty - great pics!

    (Am I the only one that's quite jealous...??)



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    we are blessed, our hunting is very accessible and cheap

    most public land blocks are on a permit system, which is 99% free, and just requires an application and fireamrs licence verification.

    for real popular areas in the roar or mating season we have a legitimate ballot system, to ensure safety and game management, and this works very well.

    the rest of the time its open slather, with 1000's of huts and valleys to hunt at your disposal. local knowledge, a 3 hour walk from a road end, or 10 minute helicopter/cessna flight, depending on your budget, will put you amongst great shooting, usually...........

    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post
    You are truly blessed Aunty,the countryside is spectacular mate,and full of sport,do you have to pay for the shooting or once you are in the wilds is it a free for all(so to speak)


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    Hi Aunty,

    See you are on the thread, will be in NZ in April, may look you up for contact withsome big black hairy things.


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    heres some youtube links that my mate put together when nothing else better to do, sound helps

    and some kids we took away for an outdoors education weekend

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