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Thread: Last nights pig

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    Last nights pig

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    Here's some pics of a boar i shot last night.
    We arrived at the field at about 9pm and settled in for a long cold night,After about two cups of coffee and 40mins i decided to get out of the truck and take look as i looked through the night vision a sow and about 4-5 good size pigglets appearred out of the wood.After watching them for few minutes we decided to shoot one of the pigglets we estimated they weighed about 70-80 pounds,I loaded the old blaser .308 and led down behind the bipod only to hear my brother tell me that they had ran off or words to that effect. So back to the truck we went for more coffee 30 mins pass and we take another look,To my delight 3 pigglets back out about 125 yards away i reload the 308 and lie down behind the bipod only to hear those bloody words again THEY HAVE F****D OFF BRUV By now i am starting to get a little peeved off and can't understand why these pigs are so jumpy.So well you know the routine 20 mins later we get out for a little looky.My mate colin says he can see a pig in the field, we don't pay much attention to him he's always seeing bloody pigs generally there deer or bushes .But as i look around the field i see the reason the sow and pigglets were so nervous.A good size boar is out strutting his stuff and filling his face with sugarbeet.We watch him for few minutes and decied to try to shoot him.I lie down behind the bipod and pick the pig up in the scope LIGHT HIM UP i tell my brother he flicks on the lamp old piggy doesn't even lift his head up BOOM! the .308 shatters the silence and the boar drops on the spot to a high shoulder shot We walk down to take a look and find a nice boar.Then we set about the task a recovering him as i have said in a prev post big pigs are a pain in the arse but these pigs have damaging a sugarbeet field for about 3-4 months now so we needed to shoot one.I dressed him out this morning he weighed 150lbs on the hook so eveverything turned ok in the end.His head is in the freezer and he is of to the taxidermist in fornight.
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    well done cracking result mate

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    Nice one Sean
    Your on a run aint you mate.


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    Nicely done,
    It can be a long night after the grunters, had a couple of very long, very cold night's with nothing to show but it is worth it if you get one like that! well done. Which round were you using?

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    Bit of a result there Sean!

    That's a fair old piggie....
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    This pig was shot with a .308 and 150gr fedral fusion ammo.It is not my first choice of round i normally reload 150gr prohunters but i had a few of these to use up.Most of the pigs we have shot heve been with a .270 and a few with a 300wsm.I know wayne davies uses a 375 but i don't think he is as good as shot as me
    Cheers sean

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    Cheeky B*****d,

    You know everything is bigger up here mate, that's why we need the bigger gun


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    He`s got to use a 375 because he can`t shoot for ****

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    Yeah Yeah, thats coming from the bloke who used to take his 458

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    AHHH but I used to take the 458 in case I was with anyone who couldn`t shoot for sh#t.
    Me and Wayne used to hunt alot together folks, so 458 got alot of outings

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