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Thread: I'm a chapscate

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    I'm a chapscate

    Can you use standard dies like a Lee Loader without a press?

    Can I make my own press from timber?

    Also where is a barganiforous place to get a Lee Loader (243 wanted)?

    Many Thanks


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    Try 1967spud and forget the timber.
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    Halam, you made me chuckle,, & bargains can often be had downstairs in the classifieds section, Steve.
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    Set myself a challenge now...

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    Your are so bloody cheap you cut back on the letters, "I'm a chapscate", just what is a chaqpscate , you made my day.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Lee makes a small compound press that is totally hand held. About $28US.
    If you are going to be that cheap or chap, or chaqp as some call it, buy a Lee Classic loader. $30 US and all you'll need to start.~Muir

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    Thanks for the advice folks, glad to have made some smile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaothead View Post
    Can you use standard dies like a Lee Loader without a press?

    Can I make my own press from timber?

    Also where is a barganiforous place to get a Lee Loader (243 wanted)?

    Many Thanks

    Reminds me of the guy that built a wooden car, that had a wooden engine, that wooden go.

    Thinking about it if Richard Lee is correct and the forces involved in resizing aren't all that great, picture the photograph in the Lee manual with the three pillars of the turret press machined away to demonstrate this, then a wooden press should theoretically be possible but would it be worth the effort?
    I suppose you could use something like Lignum Vitae for the bearing surfaces, a wood reputably so tough that it was used for bearings and needs to be machined in a similar way to the way you machine steel. Just think about the cost though and the amount of work involved when you can buy a hand press new for something just over 30. So possible Yes, practical No.

    A friend of mine actually made his own press some years back using pieces of metal he found littered around the farm yard. It was his own design and was something like a cross between a Wamadet and a RCBS Green Machine. The four dies were aligned in a similar linear fashion to the Green Machine and it had two support pillars in a similar sort of arrangement to a Wamadet. The design was brilliant but the execution was very much agricultural. It worked and he reloaded thousands of rounds of ammo on it but he later splashed out on a Dillon 500.

    It might be a good idea "Gaothead" to have a look at a few websites on reloading and gain a bit of knowledge about what is actually involved in the process. If you are looking for cheap have a look at the Lee site first, their videos are quite informative.
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    get a lee hand press or a bench press you CHAPSKATE ,but if you do use press dies by hand please make a vid

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    I've watched the videos and read a few books and like 8x57 was taken by Richard Lee's point about how little force is involved - for those who haven't seen it he cut down bits of a press so there was only thin bit's of the frame holding it together.

    Pointless? There is a guy on the market who will sell me a load of meet much cheaper than I can shoot it for. Does that make my interest in stalking pointless? What's the point of eating meat at all, or anything for that matter?
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