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Thread: First pheasant shoot coming up.

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    First pheasant shoot coming up.

    Well having always been deer stalking, I got the chance this year to join my first pheasant syndicate so with the first day coming soon anyone whish to pass any tips or pointers on? Also recommend what kind of 12g cartridges and where to buy them.


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    Safety first !

    30g of 6 shot will kill most pheasants at sensible range as long as you hit it !

    Only shoot birds that are in clear sky , try not to shoot them too close (pillow case effect) don't shoot birds that are too far away , although you may think you've missed you often hit them and they die much later .

    Above all have fun !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Tip the keeper After the day not before like I've had one newby do

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    Plenty of lead they fly faster than you think. Never never swing through the line. If in doubt leave it. Listen to the rules before the shoot as some allow ground game but most do not. If high birds no.5 if not so high no.6 I use black gold 32g. Check if you need fibre wad most do not allow plastic. Just enjoy it and safety is the most important thing.

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    Tip the keeper +1!

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    Be safe and remember to enjoy the day as that's why you joined the syndicate.
    i have my barrel selector set to shoot the tight choke first as on driven birds the first shot is out in front and if missed then the bird is closer so a lesser choked barrel will suffice.
    32g 5's for high birds else 30g 6's

    ATB 243 Stalker

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    Don't let the pheasants know you are afraid of them...

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    Don't forget the keeper, I SAID DON'T FORGET THE KEEPER !!!!

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    You might want to have a go at rabbits or clays to get the shotgun feeling in your head . I miss a lot first because of the rifling effect , ie not keeping swinging.

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    Never mind the pheasants, take care of the keeper!!!!!!

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