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Thread: Prices for syndicate

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    Prices for syndicate

    Think next year of joining a syndicate,
    I understand prices are dependent on amount of days and so on.
    looking for something not to far from north wales and for next year looking to stalking roe..

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    Get ready to be disappointed,there's little to no stalking to be had in north wales,especially syndicate space.
    Closest would be the hereford/shropshire border with 270wsm off here.
    Available: Fallow, Roe and Muntjac in Herefordshire
    you'd be better off paying for a few days with the guys on here.
    sika malc down in sussex,
    JiM dgvm,
    solway stalker in scotland
    you will have to travel where ever you choose.
    good luck

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    Cheers for the info gelert,
    It's a shame there's not much about north wales,
    Don't mind traveling to much as I work 2 weeks on 1 week off and travel all around the country.
    am in Durham at the moment..

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