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Thread: Swarovski laser range finder

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    Swarovski laser range finder

    Change of plan. I bought these off here a couple of months ago.
    They have been back to swaro for a full servIce and are mint.
    Please see camathius add for spec
    for sale 425 + P&P
    May consider euro 56 mm 30mm tube in p/x cash either way
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    Sorry for being a bit thick this morning but what is camathius add?
    I've tried to search but can't find it.
    Thanks Phil

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    scope sorted now but still for sale

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    open to very close offers !!

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    After numerus offers of 350 I thought i would confirm that i will not give these away. i paid 425 + p&p i would like a NEAR offer please if they don't sell then i will keep them

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