Hello all and its nice to be joining the site eventually.
Steve, 33yrs of age, fit enough I think but some of them hills up north are hard work,very safe and considerate shot and based in cheshire the only county that does'nt have a decent deer population.
I have been shooting since a very young age with catapaults/airguns/shotguns/rimfires/centre fire in that order and now stalking for around the last three year's but still feel I have a long way to go before I could possible gain my own bit of ground. I have a few good friends into the same game which also need to join the site asap.These fellas have taught me the general principals and tasks involved with good deer management which assisted me in acheiving DSC 1 and now looking towards DSC 2 asap. I'm heavily involved in 2 local game shoots where I reguarlly get out controlling foxes with my .223 sako 85 moderated. I use a .243 sako 75 with mod for all my deer stalking both rifles fitted with swarovski scopes. I'm well equipped with all the other stalking essentials swarovski binos,knives etc. I hope to gain more experience through this site to add to my dsc 2 portfolio and I look forward to hopefully booking days out and discussing my stalks over the forum with you all. Enough for now I think its getting late speak soon cheers Steve.