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    6.5- 06

    i haven't heard of this one but i have heard of .270 win. It must be very close.


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    I go on a overseas site and one or two guys on there have them, looks a good cal' with better bullet choice than the 25-06 with the almost the same bore size.

    Can't help thinking what can it do that a 270 can't? Having said that I would concider one myself just to be different if nothing else.

    Best rgds


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    Quote Originally Posted by 300wsm
    I could just re-barrel in 25-06 but every one now has on not that I'm elitist but I fancy something different
    Logically for a reloader it makes more sense that the 25-06 because of the versatility.

    Best rgds


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    Re: 6.5-06

    Quote Originally Posted by 300wsm
    Any one on here have any experiance of a 6.5-06 as I am thinking of having my .25-06 re-barreled to this. I have pretty much made up my mind on who will do the work but all recommendations for a good rifle smith to do the work will be welcomed.
    A very usefull and sensible wildcat. Quite popular here in Norway (and in Sweden). If you are intereseted I can email you lots of reloding data.

    It doesnt do anything that the 270Win will do, but who cares? Its all about the fun I traded mine, kind of regret it. Migth build annother one someday.

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    I'm not usually drawn into discussions about calibres for deerstalking as i don't have as much experience as many on this sight, but, I did own a 6.8-06 (aka 270) for a couple of years and i loved it. I used to tell people that it was a 6.8-06 and i would get loads of interest or a wry grin.
    If some one showed me there custom 6.5-06 i would be thinking why didn't he just buy a .270.

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