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Thread: Primer question

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    Primer question

    I am using federal premium match large rifle primers.
    The photo shows them. My question is
    what is the red?

    There are 2 with less red than the others
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    The red is the priming compound or pellet as it is sometimes called. From my understanding of the manufacturing process it is normally squirted in or dropped in a s a tiny amount of very sensitive liquid explosive. It's a similar substance to that dropped in the base of empty .22 rimfire cases and then spun centrifugally to place the priming compound in the actual rim of the case. Sometimes the compound doesn't spread out evenly leaving voids. The colour of the compound can vary depending on composition and manufacturer.

    I take that back after looking more carefully at the photograph with my specs on. The red is the sealant that goes over the priming pellet. Makes you wonder what the non premium primers are like for consistency if these are the premium primers that are showing voids.
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    Edd, are you sure it isn't blood from the workers hands when pushed to reach production targets

    PS. that was meant to be taken light hearted.
    As has been said it is quite probably lacquer to seal the ignition powder.
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    I would be screening ANY anomaly in primers out before loading
    they look very inconsistent
    The fed magnum gold I used until recently were much more consistent in appearance than those

    for the cost of a 4p primer is it really worth finding out that it burns unpredictably or worse...doesn't?
    potentially 50p to 1 in components being wasted on that dodgy looking cap

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    Thanks guys
    a bit annoying as I have just inserted 60 primers into cases before noticing the different looking ones.


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    Wonders if you can safely remove live primers?

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    Removed 50 2 days ago. No problem. I had neck sized some cases and did not put enough pressure on the die. Redid them which also removes the primer.

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    A good idea is to wear safety specs when pushing out live primers, they are only tiny little beggars, but they will give serious harm if mis handled.
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    use them -the gun wont know.

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