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Thread: Baikal Double Rifle .308win

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    Baikal Double Rifle .308win

    Baikal double O/U rifle in .308 win calibre, comes with Pentax Gameseeker 1.5 – 5 x 24 scope and sling.
    All in perfect working order. An ideal rifle for deer and wild boar (bullet weight considering).
    The rifle has adjustable barrel tuning (regulation) for variable point of impact dependant on bullet weight – currently the tuned to 100yds with 150grn bullet. This is a feature not often found on more expensive doubles.
    Double triggers non-ejector and shotgun style tang safety. Good clean crisp chequering on the walnut stock. The barrel regulator can be seen on the underside of the open sight.

    550 ono. FAC holders only.

    Prefer collect but can be sent via RFD at buyers cost.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN1307.jpg 
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    Interested or questions? PM me via this site

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    These Baikals are very fine shooting accurate guns. You have that instant 2nd shot. At 600 this is a bargain for someone.

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    We tested this double along with several others on my club range - the Baikal o/u shot the best group and the comment from one member of the testing group "Given the low cost the rifle it shoots much better than one with a lot more noughts in the price."

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    another bump for a great little rifle

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    Very functional piece but no marks for symmetry.Certainly do the job

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    There are lots of things in life that are very functional and yet lack aesthetics but as my old mum used to say there's plenty of good looking nowt's.

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    I would say that for a baikal that's a pretty attractive looking rifle, if I was in the market I would have your hand off, looks cracking, but I really don't need another .308, nor do I think I could justify it!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    What are the groups like using both barrels please?

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