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Thread: CP550 fox caller

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    CP550 fox caller

    Anyone tried the New CP550 ELECTRONIC GAME CALLER for Foxes and Predators from Best Fox Call? Shot plenty of fox's with the aid of the old hand squeak, but though I would give a bit of a more modern approach a go.

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    Hi Drew, unfortunately these calls are nothing to do with Best Fox Call. This is just someone based in China abusing the name. If you follow this link it will take you to the genuine products supplied by the guys at BFC. They are painless to deal with and you will no doubt be impressed with any of their products. A few friends of mine have the GC500 (which is programmable so you can chop and change the calls you have on it) and have used it with great success. I hope this helps..

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    Thanks for that Ziggy. Ill check out the GC500.

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