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Thread: in the market for a .22LR need HELP!!! browning or cz and reasons why!

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    in the market for a .22LR need HELP!!! browning or cz and reasons why!

    right guys, I'm in the market for a new .22.

    I'm looking at the browning t bolt as i used to use the older version a lot when i got into shooting and loved its quick cycling and capacity small and lightweight although i have heard bad things about the trigger… can anyone tell me more about the gun?

    I've heard very good things about the CZ rim fires also.

    any help greatly appreciated

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    Cz or anschutz bolt action will be the recommendations from almost anyone on here. Not sure if Annies are available new, bought mine probably over 30yrs old and still excellent. Never really heard anyone talking about the Brownings.

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    Anschutz. It will never let u down! Very accrate even when fired thousands of rounds and 30 years old.

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    a 16" cz cheap as chips (hate the anny bolts)

    and it will shoot just like a £600 anny all day long,

    browning...not for me either have a friend with one and he never uses it now,

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    Bob is that what the Annies cost new? I'm shocked. Mine was 200 from the gunshop and very happy with it. But if that's the new price I'd agree may as well go for a Cz.

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    You get what you pay for. I have a cz 452. That aint half the rifle an anschutz is. If you use both you will soon make your mind up. My cz will be swapped for an annie. My dads make mine look crap in the field an targets. If i use his its spot on so it aint me!

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    I prefer everything about the Anschutz over the CZ, except the fact that the CZ's safety locks the bolt and the Anschutz's doesn't (Carry the Anschutz slung on the "wrong" shoulder and the bolt will soon pop open).
    The CZ isn't any less accurate.
    On trigger, smoothness and looks the Anschutz has it.
    OTOH the CZ is cheaper and its "factory" screw-cutting is generally better done.

    Is there a better answer? well, a while back when I dropped in on Mike Norris (Brock & Norris) he was offering a fettling package for CZs (new or already owned) that smoothed up the bolt, crisped-up the trigger, and got the barrel impeccably threaded and protected. I don't know if he still offers this service, but if he does I'd say a Norrissed CZ would give you the best of most worlds.
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    Weihrauch just soooo nice to use

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    S/h Sako finnfire (not that quad rubbish)
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    S/h Sako finnfire (not that quad rubbish)
    Never a truer word said, massive +1

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