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Thread: Hennessy Deluxe Explorer A-Sym Hammock - New

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    Hennessy Deluxe Explorer A-Sym Hammock - New

    As above.. Hennessy Deluxe Explorer A-Sym Hammock.. New side zip version.. NOT the original bottom entry system (which is a pain in the arse!) Bought this year and is new and unused.. taken out of stuff sac only to put snakeskins on..

    Also comes with:

    Hennessey 70D Hex Fly (bigger then the supplied a-sym fly and far more versatile, the original one will also be supplied)
    Snugpak Bushcraft Underblanket
    2 x Black Diamond Gridlock Screwgate Carabiners
    4 x Omega Pacific Rap Rings
    Lightweight tarp hanging clips and line from Dutch Hammocks

    All the above also brand new and unused other than to hang once to fit snake skins or not at all in the case of the underblanket.

    Bought with good intentions to use when I'm stalking but I just know its not going to be used and will sit in my gear cupboard for ever.. If I arrange stalking trips now, I want a comfy hotel and a bar! lol

    This little lot cost me just over 400 all in... and that was after searching for the best prices for quite some time.. I will split if absolutely necessary but would rather sell as a complete set of kit.. an absolute bargain at 250 plus 15 shipping.. If you want prices for individual items... will let the underblanket go for 69 + 5 and the Hex Fly the same.. the rest of the bits are integral to the hammock and suspension system now!

    Going on ebay tomorrow so be quick.. this is a bargain and some bits were pulled in from the states so are a bit rare!

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    Hennessy Deluxe Explorer A-Sym Hammock

    Is this still for sale? my wife has agreed this can be my Christmas present.


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    It is Glenn.. have PM'd you.. will mark as sold as soon as you respond.. cheers

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    Sold to bonnie pending the usual

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