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    I am looking for a bit of advice. We are having a bit of bother with lads trespassing on our shoot with dogs, we have a few signs up. Hoping to get a few more made and i was wondering is there a specific wording required in the event of action being taken against the trespassers. Was thinking along the lines of "Game preserved, No trespass with dog or gun". All thoughts and advice greatly appreciated.

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    no trespassing, firearms in use, danger of death !!!!!!

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    Signs are naff and just a bit too "Farmer Palmer" in my opinion BUT if you must the one that works is... WARNING adder re-introduction in progress.

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    I thought this was the approved signage.

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    They obviously know they are in the wrong, so a sign won't stop them, however a sign warning of danger can have better results. I have a friend who is a forester for the NT, all chainsaw/tree felling signs are generally ignored and people appear at his side to see what he's up to, the only sign he says people take notice of is "Chemical spraying in progress".

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    I'd agree with the chemical signs either that or mention poisoned bait to kill vermin so keep dogs on leads on the footpath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Signs are naff and just a bit too "Farmer Palmer" in my opinion BUT if you must the one that works is... WARNING adder re-introduction in progress.
    Errrr... "adder reintroduction..." In County Antrim? Don't believe all the old jokes, RD - they're not that stupid.....

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    Caution! Anthrax testing in progress!
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    I'm told by an old forester that signs saying "Pinus Contorta in this area" used to work. The lads, who probably did not have much of a grasp of Latin, apparently thought their willies were in danger! On a serious note you certainly must not use any threats or it's you that'll be in the pokey.

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